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If my husband left the country and left me for another women with no contact, how would property in his name be divided?

Q: We have been married for 32 years, I found out he was having an affair and he packed his bags and left the country to be with this women. I am a stay at home mother to our three boys. He has cut off everything, he has a house under his name that we rent out. Would I be entitled to a portion of that house? We don’t know where he is and has shut everyone out of his life. If he doesn’t come back to the county would I be able to claim anything? I am nervous since I have not worked and have no money put aside.

A: He ultimately needs to be served with the divorce summons, so you may need to retain a P.I. in the country he went to so as to track him down. Whether you’re entitled to any portion of the house depends, in part, on whether it’s marital property. Schedule a consult with a Westchester Divorce Attorney for a full assessment.

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