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Call I have child support arrears reduced?

Q: I have child support arrears that were accumulated while I was unemployed, (Not collecting), under the poverty level and my only income was public assistance. The judge never reduced the weekly payment, even though I requested a modification several times, and I showed to her my daily job search, rather she kept the same amount I was charged when I was working.
I found a job and I was getting charged 65% from my paychecks biweekly. I’m unemployed again, after 3 years in my job, I’m on public assistance and I’m getting charged a lot of money in late fees and penalties.
There are no current charges, only the arrears, which are owed to my kids mother, not HRA.

A: When you become unemployed, you’d need to show 2 things in the petition (and proved at the hearing): (1) you lost your job thru no fault of your own, and (2) you made a diligent search to find work commensurate with prior earnings. “Diligent search” usually entails 30-40+ job efforts per week. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Support attorney for a full assessment.

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