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Can gun ownership effect preexisting visitation rights as a father?

Q: Visitation Order is from a NY court (westchester) but I live in NJ.

Court order states nothing about firearms.

If I purchase and own a gun (for hunting) and my sons mother finds out (or I tell her) can this be a potential threat toward my visitation rights.

My son sleeps over on the weekends. Gun will be kept in a safe locked and in the safe it will be in a box locked and in the box the gun will be locked with a chamber lock. Also ammunition will be kept locked separately in its own box.

What can my sons mother potentially do to impede on my visitation rights or is there nothing she can do as long as I keep everything out of reach and securely locked?

Also do I need to tell her or is that up to me?

A: No – so long as you’re in compliance with the law, there’s no reason to worry on this issue. I also don’t see any reason you’d need to let her know. Call a Westchester Family Law attorney for more info.

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