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Is there anything that can prove my innocence ?

Q: I was abused by daughters father while pregnant with her in 2018. I went to the hospital and police took photos.Mount Vernon issued a stay away order of protection that was amended to a refrain from so that he could be home and around our new born. I have called the police following that refrain from order because there was still harassment from my daughters father and in result I have 8 domestic violence reports against him. He waited until my order of protection expired put in a petition for a family order of protection and lied and told authorities I pushed him. I was arrested and now I am awaiting trial to prove my innocence.

A: Is your case pending in Family Court or Criminal Court? That said, either way, you’d need to marshal evidence at trial in an attempt to prove you’re “not guilty.” If your case is pending in Family Court, then schedule a consult with a Westchester Domestic Violence attorney for a full assessment (otherwise contact a criminal defense attorney).

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