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Is my ex spouse required to pay for college for our child, even though she is 23?

Q: We were divorced in 2008 in Connecticut, since 2009 we have all moved to NY. In 2015 we had a modification to our original divorce stating that we are to share tuition for our child for her BA. she has been a school continuously since 2015. But, due to her learning disability she has struggled. She is graduating May 2021, but my ex refuses to pay this last year because CT statue says she is past the age limit. However, he stopped child support at 18, per CT law. But, I just read that since we all live in NY, CT no longer has jurisdiction.

Also, can I go after him for back child support, since we lived in NY since 2009?

A: First, you cannot go after him for back support per NY law as any conceivable application would’ve needed to filed prior to age 21. As for whether you can enforce the College Provisions, one would need to review the subsequent agreement you did in 2015 to render an opinion. Schedule a consult with a White Plains Child Support Attorney for a full assessment.

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