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Family Law Question, Therapeutic Supervised Visitation

Q: I have sole custody of my child that is soon to be 8 years old. Due to the Covid situation all visits are done virtually with his father. Now that Cuomo lifted up the order do therapeutic supervised visitation now need for be back in the office if my child, and the others are masked and 6 feet apart? The office is in a mixed use several office and residences are in it. I am scared., please assist.

A: If the prior order was for therapeutic, supervised visitation, then yes, the visits would need to resume. That said, the social worker’s office would be considered a “professional service” and thus not allowed to be re-opened until on or after 6/7/20. I’d recommend to contact the SW’s office to learn about their efforts to maintain social distancing, etc. Call a White Plains Child Custody attorney for more info.

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