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Will a judge take my argument seriously without having an attorney by my side?

Q: I have my first appearance tomorrow I am nervous. I no longer have a lawyer because I cannot afford one anymore. I do not meet the qualifications for a court appt. I am confused about that because neither does dad but the referee appt him one.
Dad wants 50/50 following me filing for child support. He wants more nights and now to change the schedule after 1 1/2 yrs. I am concerned because he works in the industry. Our children are 8/11 he used to take them to productions on school nights, networking events, Studios and interviews. Since covid his work has been on hold. However once it resumes the kids will have to deal with going to productions and random people watching them if he is awarded more nights. I work a stable 8hr day shift and able to ensure evening stability and a life style oriented to their needs. Our daughter is reaching adolescence stage, going through changes stability and continuity for her is needed. The kids has a lawyer but he only spoke to them once 4 months ago and nothing else. I was told this judge swings towards father’s. i believe his lawyer will ask for physical/residential custody for Dad as well. I am scared I will lose access to our children.

A: You’re not advised to represent yourself – there’s the old adage: “Those who represent themselves have a fool for a client.” Here’s another way to look at it: if the kids go off to college, you’ll be spending many ten’s of thousands putting them through school. And you’ll do it because it’s important & will consider the money well-spent. The issue for you in the custody case should thus be: is the case important to you? If so, find a way to pay (borrow, charge it, etc.) – at the least enter into a “consultation-only” relationship with an attorney to guide you in the process. Thus, call a Bronx Child Custody attorney to schedule a consult for a full assessment.

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