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Will my child be taken from me forever if I don’t abide by the visitations?

Q: I was falsely arrested in my home last month because my daughters father lied on me and said I pushed him and i was charged child endangerment. I have been her primary care taker since the day she was born, buying everything by myself, feeding her by myself, taking her places to enjoy herself by myself, finding baby sitters and setting up doctors appointments. Family court has now amended the order so that I can have partial custody of her so that I am able to see her but the times aren’t good for me and I stay to far from where they want me to pick up and drop her off. Also when if I did get her I have no guaranteed place to take her everyday threw these hours because they told me I have to stay away from my house and I know no one who lives over there. I also don’t have the money to travel that far everyday.

A: Sounds to me like you need a good attorney to represent you. If you qualify ask for assigned counsel – if you make decent money, hire private counsel. Schedule a consult with a Westchester Child Custody attorney for a full assessment.

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