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My son’s father never paid the child support he owes $56,000 he quit his job so not pay. Can I get his stimulus?

Q: My son is 30 yrs. Old this dude never helped me at all. He has not filed his taxes in 3 yrs. He say he refuse so I wouldn’t get anything. Now how wicked is thither said he’d going to get it amended because her been in and out of jail I’ve struggled as a single mother than God for his help. I got my son through highschool through his disability I was able to go to school as well have two degrees I’m truly blessed. Oh no, got a little bit carried away, please excuse me. Just had that one question, anyone that just never really paid their court ordered support should not get the stimulus it is a tax break and it should be given to that single mother that struggled and did everything from roof over child’s head, all the hospital visit to getting their child through school.

A: To get any kind of tax refund, you would’ve already needed to have a money judgment in place for the support arrears. Additionally, for an automatic intercept of his refund, the support would’ve needed to be paid via SCU. If you don’t have a judgment in place, file a Violation petition with Family Court. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Support attorney for a full assessment.


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