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Is it legal for employer to child support and jot distribute it to the children?

Q: My ex works for a hospital that deducts child support from his check. But they fail to distribute two payments. And they also failed to comply with court order to collect extra for arrears owed on account. I call the child support unit a month ago to inquire about the back pay deductions. After that complaint was made they stopped all payments. But the payments are still taken from my ex.

A: Ultimately it’s the father’s obligation to make sure his employer deducts the correct amounts. Thus, your remedy is to send an e-mail/letter to the Father asking him to make up the difference – or else you’ll need to file a Violation Petition & get a money judgment (which would assess him 9% interest on the back amounts). Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Support attorney for a full assessment.

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