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What steps can I take, I don’t want his money I just want him to spend time with his son ?

Q: So I really messed up, I did a lot of bad and crazy things but I never thought that he would take it out on our child. We were never married, according to him we were never in a relationship, just friends that occasionally messed around. I told him that I was pregnant when I was about 6 weeks, from that point on he was very involved, until my last month of pregnancy. I haven’t spoken to him since, I reached out several times and he just ignores me. I told him when I was in labor, he ignored me, on July 5th 2020 I gave birth and he ignored me and still hasn’t reached out to me. He has a daughter and her mother took him to court and really did him dirty. I feel like if take him to court it would probably prove the negative thoughts that he has about me and he will use the crazy things I did against me to prove I’m an unfit mother and take my child away. I also suffer from a mental disability.

A: The first thing I’d advise is to ensure you’re seeking proper treatment for your mental condition. If you are & are in compliance with same – and your psychologist doesn’t think your condition affects your child-caring abilities – then it’s not likely a major issue (but obviously one would need the details). You can attempt work workout matters informally with him, or file in court. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney for a full assessment.


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