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Should I just concede?

Q: Two weeks ago in court the referee informed us that we better come to a decision or she might not do joint custody and someone will walk away sorry. The father wants 50/50 split visitation of Sun-Weds/Sun-Thurs. I proposed Sun-Tues/Wed-Fri and alternate Sat. He stated no. I then propose Every other weekend and he takes Mon-Tues, I take Weds-Thurs. He said no. He wants his propose schedule and my attorney is telling me to compromise and basically give dad what he wants. My attorney stated I am not giving him much to work with. I feel like i am being bullied and my attorney is afraid of the referee because as stated by a few attorney’s she has the reputation of making her own law and giving favor to the fathers.
I am concern because what attorney needs to state that the are not afraid of a referee.
Where does all of this leaves us. What am I paying an attorney for.

A: Ultimately it comes down to a game of chicken or who blinks first. If you’re not agreeable to his proposal & he’s not agreeable to yours – and there’s no middle ground either side can think of – then a trial is the next step. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Custody attorney for a full assessment.

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