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I am a professional dentist? My ex wife and I have been divorced for a year now. She wants to move about 20 miles.

Q: If she moves it will affect my ability to run my business as it will be impossible to pick up and drop off my two boys at school. She is going to tell the court I smoke marijuana. I do but never when with or around the kids. I never have. Will they test me with hair follicle. I’m sure i could pass the urine test but hair follicle would fail?

A: One would of course need to review the prior order to render definitive advice. That said, I’d suggest to call her out on the allegations – state in an e-mail or text that you recreationally use marijuana but that you never do so around the child. Further states that if she has any concerns pertaining to your care-taking ability, she she return correspondence laying out her concerns. Schedule a consult with a Westchester Child Custody attorney for a full assessment.

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