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Visitation for 17 year old daughter?

Q: It has been more than a year, and I have not seen my daughter. My daughter is 17 years old and recently graduated from college. Last December, I called to wish my daughter a happy birthday. The mother claimed that my daughter was not home. I went on Instagram and my daughter has a page. I was looking through her stories. I am assuming my daughter told her mother. I am assuming under the mother’s direction, my daughter “blocked” me from her Instagram page. I regret not sending her a message. My ex girlfriend is married and she views her husband as my daughter’s father. I do not have any contact with my daughter. My daughter recently graduated high school and will be attending college. Unfortunately, I have no involvement in my daughter’s life. I regret not getting visitation rights through the court. My mother always tells me to just leave them alone, and do not be bothered. My mother is not close with her grandchild. I believe part of it is due to my daughter’s mother. I would like to know is it worth going to court? My daughter turns 18 in December. The only time I am acknowledged as the father is when I had to sign documents for my daughter to get her passport. Any info will help?

A: It’s probably not worth it at this point. Not only are courts going slow currently due to the pandemic, but the court loses jurisdiction over the child when she turns 18. As such, it may take a couple of months just to get an initial court date, and if the mother/child dispute your request, then court would have to conduct a trial on the issue – thus very unlikely to happen substantially before December. Nevertheless, should you wish additional info, it’s best that you schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney.

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