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Do I have to update the custodial parent on my new address?

Q: We have an order and Mother has custody of child. I have him on the weekends, Friday – monday (he sleeps over). Pick up and drop off is at her home and at his school.

I just moved from NY to NJ. I don’t feel comfortable telling the mother my address due to previous issues (her showing up and causing a scene). I live in a good neighborhood and don’t want to allow the chance for that to happen. Do I have to tell the mother my new address if I only have visitation rights?

A: You aren’t necessarily legally obligated to disclose the address unless your custody agreement/order says so. That said, as a practical matter you wouldn’t want her to treat you the same way – imagine if she moves & refuses to provide you with her new address? For more, schedule a consult with a Westchester Child Custody attorney.

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