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Can I receive more alimony?

Q: Divorced July 2018. Child support ended for 18 year old son in February 2020. Son will now be living at home with me instead of going away to college come August 2020 due to pandemic Coronavirus. X never gives either of our kids (22+18) money. X has a tremendous income, over $400,000.00. And I was told to settle for $96,000.00. I was a homemaker throughout our 19 year marriage. Only income is alimony today. Can I possibly get our divorce stipulation agreement changed for more alimony to support myself and my two children?

A: It largely depends on the modification clauses within your agreement. If the agreement does not provide otherwise, then maintenance may only be modified if the current amount poses an “extreme hardship” on you. I’d highly recommend to have your agreement reviewed by an attorney. As such, you should call a Westchester Alimony Attorney to schedule a consult for a full assessment.

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