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My ex husband is in jail for attempted rape he contested the divorce From jail.

Q: I got the letter with the court date where it is asking I’m to bring w2’s and pay stubs. We have no assets together and no children together absolutely nothing. Marriage only lasted two years and he’s in jail for attempted rape to another woman that’s proof of infedelity. Can he be requesting alimony or perhaps that I sold my ring to pay some debt he lets me with. Can he actually win this case? I have a daughter and all the bills he left me with.

A: He could conceivably claim alimony, though what’s also important is what his “expenses” are & thus whether he has a real need for alimony. If he’s in jail, it seems to me like he’d have a hard case to prove. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney for a full assessment. 

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