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If I have last say with health, how can I ensure my sons eating habits are healthy towards his condition?

Q: Mother and I have a court order stating I have last say on all health matters for my son. If I put him on a specific diet specifically for his adhd problems, does the mother have to also follow this diet in her house hold?

How can I enforce that he doesn’t eat food that causes him health problems or that makes his adhd worsen?

I have a whole health plan layed out and have spoken to her about making these changes to help him focus in school. She has not listened at all. His adhd is getting worst. If he’s eating the foods he shouldn’t be eating then his adhd will get worst and it would be counter active to the diet plan. It takes about a month for the body to adjust. Any advice? 

A: I wouldn’t necessarily agree that a certain diet is a “medical” issue – unless you have something from a Doctor to that effect. Thus, I’d recommend to get a Dr to recommend that particular diet – then share same with the mother. If the mother still refuses, then file a petition. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Custody attorney for a full assessment. 

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