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What does one parent choosing their vacation days first mean for the other parent?

Q: According to my court order, we get “Two non-consecutive weeks” where on even years the father gets to choose his weeks first. What does this mean in terms of my choice of weeks? The father seems to think that by default I must choose the weeks directly after his chosen weeks, where my understanding is I can choose 2 separate weeks as long as they don’t fall on the weeks he chose? He chose a week in July & a week in August, I want a week in June & a week in August. Can someone clarify this for me please? 

A: You’re correct in your interpretation – if your agreement doesn’t say otherwise, then you can choose any given 2 weeks during the summer which do not conflict with his 2 weeks (so long as the kid are off from school). Obviously you must also chose your weeks in the exact manner prescribed in the agreement. For a full assessment, schedule a consult with a Westchester Child Custody attorney. 

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