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My situation is a bit complicated and I’m trying to decide between legal separation or straight divorce?

Q: I was married in March 2018 and moved in with my husband May 2018. He is a disabled combat Veteran with PTSD, TBI, and bipolar disorder. He is 100% disabled according to the VA and I am his caretaker. His physical aggression towards me and emotional abuse has been growing so I would like to get out as cleanly as possible. I do not have much money and I’m not sure how he would react towards a divorce as he is going through a bipolar manic episode (and cannot be reasoned with at all). Would a legal separation be cheaper and make it easier on me to get a divorce later? Or should I go for a straight no-fault divorce? Yes, I know I can probably divorce him on grounds of abuse but I do not want anything from him, I simply want to get out. He does not have a lot of money either and we do not have children. I’m currently paying the rent on the apartment but do not plan on signing the renewed lease in June. Again, I do not want anything from him, I just want to get out and would like to do it quickly, and hopefully smoothly, and am willing to do it myself since I do not have a lot of money. 

A: A legal separation is generally cheaper in the first instance than a divorce. But in the long run, retaining an attorney to both do a separation & then later process a divorce may make the total process at least mildly more expensive. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Divorce attorney for a full assessment. 

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