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Dodged by spouses attorney to negotiate terms for a buy out of assets within an uncontested divorce?Bad faith claim?

Q: I have been in negotiations for an uncontested divorce since July of 2019. A realtor came accessed the property which is a two family home. He quoted the home and suggested we finish some construction in order to sell. We have allot of debt between us so we were both requested for a pay out of all debt. I was advised from my realtor attorney friend the debt of the home was too high compared to all the number he ran. We would owe at the table a couple of thousand dollars. So I filed to buy her out which I was approved since September 2019. I decided to file for the home since she backed out on our agreement between her and my attorney. We had a list we both had agreed on. She signed it some time in August 2019 and I was awaiting the papers to sign as soon as my lawyer received it. That week she began stating she will no longer want to sell and wanted to sell as is. She then took her belongings and never returned. she began disconnecting services both under both of our names. She turned off con edison we had no heat or hot water. Which Led to the tenants vacating. She no longer contributes to the damages/upkeep & mortgage. I can’t afford court since I’ve been left with all bills.

A: What needs to happen is that you both need to reduce the terms of your settlement to an enforceable agreement & Judgment of Divorce. Usually if one of you wishes to buy the other out & is prepared to do so, the Court will endorse that. Schedule a consult with a Westchester Divorce Attorney for a full assessment. 

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