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Can I enroll child in school without non-custodial parent even if he never decides? I don’t want child to miss an opportunity.

Q: The custody agreement states that the father (non-custodial) and I (custodial) share legal custody. Regarding education, we’re to discuss education. Should we not agree, “Mother will have final say”. I have physical custody except during Father’s parenting time; Thursday to Sunday. The order states that upon starting school, Father will pick Child up from school on Thursdays and drop Child off to school on Monday mornings. No say of district. The only say about school choice is should one parent favor a school that the other parent can’t afford, parent requesting the school is responsible for paying for it. We live in different school districts and Father is not fond of public school.
I filled out an application for 3k, explained to Father the deadline was a week and a half away, and that we could split the 12 choices in half. I sent him a link to the lists of schools that included ratings for all schools that day. Father said he would get back to me with choices but doesn’t get back to me until the day after deadline at 10am claiming he “forgot”. I tell father to reveal his choices anyway as there may be a window of opportunity to which he replied “ok” but never does. 

A: One cannot render a definitive opinion without a full review of the agreement. One would need to know the method of communication the agreement prescribes, along with any deadlines within the agreement & whether the “Professional Model” is built-in. Thus, you’re best advised to schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney for a full assessment. 

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