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March 2020 Archives

Can someone go to Jail for failure to pay alimony to an ex who got millions in the divorce and he lost his job?

Q: My boyfriend who is 73 lost his job at a big law firm over 3 years ago when he was living in NYC? His ex wife in the divorce got millions, house, life insurance policy paid for, trust fund, SS. When he lost his job he filed for modification and they had a trial which the result came recently even though he lost his job and makes less and moved from NYC to Florida he said he should have still paid her. If he did he would be more bankrupt then he is. He is NOT working at a firm and has been working with clients doing tax law but the business is not what is was. She is livi g quite well yet the judge ordered him to not only pay back alimony at 12,500 per month for 3 years he is saying no reduction. He only brings in 13k a month! Judges in NY are always for women no matter what. He was ordered to come to NY today to bring 200k in cash and of Course he wrote to the judge saying he will not be there and he doesn't have that kind of money. he has tried to make arrangements with his ex and her lawyer to pay what he can and they shot him down. There is a lot more to this but this is the short version. Can they come arrest him here in Florida?

Can I refuse a court order?

Q: I recently received a false order of protection from my son against me and at my first preliminary I don't recall the judge telling me he was going to issue a court ordered cps investigation but now I have a cps worker call me and tell me they need to interview me and investigate me but when I told her I refuse to speak to any cps workers she tells me the judge issued an order but I don't see it on the paperwork I was given in court. Should I refuse to be interviewed anyway or can I even refuse if it's a court order? 

My child lives with me. How do I get child support enforcers to stop the payment to Custodian parent?

Q: My daughter lives with me 24/7 365 days of the week and every time I go to the enforcers office they want something different to prove the situation.

What are NYS laws on pension/retirement benefits for Ex-spouse?

Q: Married 21 years, divorced 1 and half years. Homemaker for entire marriage. Reread divorce stipulation agreement and there's nothing about what, if any, benefits I may be entitled to on my X spouses retirement plan. The agreement doesn't mention anything about it. I'm wondering if I could find out? If so how? Or if it's not written in agreement does that mean that I don't receive anything?

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