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Q: Is there a limit to how much a person has to pay in child care?

Q: I pay around $2100 a month for child support and pay 82% of childcare. It comes out to $200 a week for a morning sitter and $35 a day for an after school program ($75 a day). She works before school for 3 hours and 2 hours after school but is home all day. I also pays 50% of all activities. I am left with around $250 a week to live on. This just does not seem fair. Can anything be done? 

A: Generally the assessment of child support & add-ons cannot leave you with less than the self-support reserve (135% of the poverty line). If the result of all your obligations leaves you with less than that, then I’d suggest to file a petition for modification. Schedule a consult with a White Plains Child Support attorney for a full assessment. 

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