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Q: In White Plains Family Court is a decree only for the non-custodial parent to obey?

Q: Hello, Thank you in advance for your assistance. Our decree states we are both obligated to $750 per child per year for extracurricular activities and we both need to agree on activity, we have 2 boys.
2019 – We agreed to karate and I signed the contract for 12 monthly payments -I paid for both children and spent $4,200 -her half was $1,500 ($750×2) which I filed a petition as she refused to pay. Ex-wife even added her email with Karate office as a recipient and received monthly receipts I was paying.
Ex-wife enrolled one child into dance which we didn’t agree but she enrolled him anyway. She claims she spent $4,000. Our 2nd child she spent $0 for 2019.
White Plains Family Court- ruled in her favor, dismissed and denied my petition and said because she contributed money towards the other activity already.
In White Plains – Is a decree only for the non-custodial parent to obey?
Is it known for the Family Court Support Magistrates to be prejudice? 

A: Both parents need to abide by the support order regarding add-ons. That said, if she paid more than $750 per child for the other activity, then the magistrate appears correct. If you disagree to her enrolling the child(ren) into an activity, you must capture that with a specific, written objection to same. otherwise the magistrate may find your silence on the issue to be tacit acceptance. For a full assessment, schedule a consult with a White Plains Child Support attorney. 

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