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Q: How long does a absent parent who has joint custody have to file for relocation ?

Q: My sons father & I have joint custody. We have been to court so many times already and he never seems to keep up with his visitations. His been very on and off for months in November he told my son he wants nothing to do with him and hasn’t contact him since. This is affecting our son and I feel at this point it’s in his best interest. I want to relocate and I want to know how can I go about this? I cannot be a parent sometimes and my sons lawyers have tried to take all rights away twice already but since my son at the time was younger he told them he wanted him in his life. Please help I feel the on & off has to stop already!! 

A: First, you should keep a careful paper-trail with the father – e-mail him every time he misses a visit to confirm same. You should also e-mail him to confirm what he told your son. Then consider filing a Petition for Custody Relocation. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Custody attorney for a full assessment. 

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