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Q: How can I get copy of deposition that X gave during divorce 2018?

Q: X told many lies during deposition and I never got a copy. Two years later he is pulling more nonsense and wants our divorce stipulation agreement changed about his life insurance policy and I’m receiving emails from my X attorney. I want copy to stop nonsense and possibly get arrears due to me. He left marital home two years before legally divorced and I never got temporary child support or alimony and bills for 6000 square foot home exceeded $10,000.00 and I was homemaker and married 19 years and youngest son… 

A: If he owes you money, you’re best advised to send him a demand letter via certified mail (or the method prescribed by your agreement, if different) requesting that he pay you the money within 30 days. If he doesn’t then file an OSC to enforce the Judgment. Schedule a consult with a White Plains Divorce Attorney for a full assessment.

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