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My attorneys contacted me about my divorce Stipulation Agreement. Was divorced 7-18-18. Ex wants to change life insurance policy

Q:Attorney said ex wants me to sign paperwork @$1,250,000.00 life insurance policy that agreement requires him to maintain for me. That X made mistake and can’t be used for “that?” Purpose because X isn’t owner of policy? Solution proposed to me is allow X to divide $1,250,000.00 policy into smaller ones so X can cancel each policy after X has paid amount of support covered by each policy. Example once $250,000.00 of support he can cancel or change beneficiary of $250,000.00 leaving proper amount of insurance remains his obligation. Supposedly I’d still be covered by Agreement the same. So why would attorneys want me to make changes? Myself and my X’s father are both on policy 

A:It’s hard to decipher what you’re trying to ask here, especially without seeing the proposed agreement & the rationale for the change. If you’re seeking a 2nd opinion, I’d suggest to call a White Plains Divorce attorney to schedule a consult for a full assessment. 

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