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Why my lawyer Trying to over turn my court order without my consent?

Q:I was awarded full legal and sole custody of my son by default. The father never showed twice, then I went to court for visitation only they provided me with a public defender and now he is Trying to over turn my order that another judge put in place tut o make my son father happy I live in Westchester county the father lives in Brooklyn with his parents. Our son was born prematurely at 25 weeks weighing 1 lb and 6 ounces. I’m the one taking our son to doctors and therapy and early Intervention our son is 1 years old now. His father sees the child now every other weekend and when he does have his child his grandparents watch our son not his father. The father is in a motorcycle club and parties every weekend, I do everything for our son but he wants 50/50 for what. You lied to the court about visitation which he gets and we even talk about his having him on certain holiday and even a vacation. On top of my son father in our relationship used to beat up on me so I have a restraining order on him and his lawyer wants me to stay in a close radius to him I don’t think so my address is also confidential now in the courts I’m afraid of his father I need advice. 

A:If your own lawyer is acting against your interests, then it’s time to get another lawyer (or at the least get a 2nd opinion). That said, if the 1st order was done on default, such orders are “liberally vacated.” Schedule a consult with a Westchester Family law attorney for a full assessment. 

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