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Seasonal job and says will quit if taken for child support!

Q:My child’s father has made it very clear I’d only get the “bare minimum” if I filed CS. He works in construction for family. He said he’d go for visitation which I don’t mind because our child is 10 but it’s been over 3 years since he’s seen her! Is it worth the lengthy process with someone who has no license & really nothing to lose if he were to NOT pay (he’s done jail time and says he’s not afraid to go back). It’s just unfair. 

A:No attorney can responsibly answer the question: is it worth it – simply because we’re not you. We can tell you what to do: file a petition, get an order, get a money judgment is he racks up arrears & threaten jail if he still doesn’t pay. At the end of the day, some guy say they aren’t afraid of jail until they actually have to go there. Call a Bronx Child Support attorney for more info. 

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