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What can I do, if I feel that my girlfriend’s ex husband is telling lies about me in court, when this has nothing to do with me?

Q: Child custody case is happening between my girlfriend and her ex husband, who in fact is nothing to those kids. Anyways, he had called CPS and it was unfounded. In the CPS case it was mentioned that I smoke weed and offered it to one of the kids. Now I just read the paper his lawyer had written to the courts where he stated I am a current or former drug addict. I had taken a drug test for CPS cause there was nothing to hide, but now this is going to far that he is now telling lies in court and mentioning me with these statements and getting kids involved with these lies as well. What can I do or should I do?

A: As you’re not a party to that case, you’d only be able to “fight to clear your good name” via your girlfriend & her attorney. Thus, cooperate with them in marshalling evidence against him. Call a Westchester Family Law attorney for more info.

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