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I want my child support payments modified upward but can my child support payments be reduced if I’m allowing him more weekends?

Q: My son’s father was given visitation for every other weekend, I’ve allowed him to see him almost every weekend now just so he can have quality time with his father and other siblings but it’s now that his father is demanding every weekend and I’ve asked his father for help financially with my son due to me being on disability things are more expensive with him growing up and I moved to new location where rent is higher. I’m afraid of going to court to ask for a modification because his father tends to take out his anger he has towards me on my son and neglects him and plays favorites with his other kids.

A: Obviously neither the court nor an attorney can control what the Father does. Perhaps a way of handling it would be to meet him for coffee, explain your situation and why you need some additional money. Perhaps he can help out with contributing towards specific expenses, like clothes, school supplies, extracurricular activities, etc. rather than having to go back to court. Call a Bronx Family Law attorney for more info.

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