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Can buying a new house and car be a reason to increase child support in nys?

Q: My ex and I share joint custody of our two kids. We alternate each week and have the same salary (we are both teachers in the same school district). when my ex and i separated, my income was slightly higher then and was ordered to pay my ex child support. Now that we have similar incomes, my ex is fighting my petition to dismiss my child support. My ex also bought a new home and car and is now claiming that she needs more money since she the car and new home are more than her last house and car. Can buying a new house and car be a reason to deny my petition and increase child support?

A: I wouldn’t say her increased expenses, in themselves, will result in a dismissal of child support. But that said, you’d have the burden of proving a substantial change of circumstances to warrant a reduction – what changes have you alleged? Schedule a consult with a Westchester Child Support attorney for a full assessment.

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