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Does my Order of Protection (I was defendant) and So Ordered Divorce allow contact with my ex-wife?

Q: My daughter’s school is holding an annual special education review meeting, which I’m invited to. Can I attend if my ex-wife is there? The order of protection states: “Contact regarding visitation permitted if permitted by other court order.” The So Ordered divorce Stipulation of Settlement states: Both parties shall be entitled to attend all public events for the Child, including but not limited to ceremonies, plays, performances, concerts, graduations and games. The party who does not have parenting time shall be entitled to greet the Child and take photos with the Child at the event. Both parents can be present at parent-related events for the Child (e.g., school or religious). 

A: If the order does not include a “stay away” provision, then it would appear you can attend the meeting. That said, I’d not only advised to send an e-mail to her in advance of your intention to attend, but also have the order reviewed by an attorney. Thus, schedule a consult with a Westchester Family Law attorney for a full assessment. 

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