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Am I allowed to have my own account ?

Q: If I am married am I allowed to have a separate account and not to give access to it to my husband? We are about to divorce and I am afraid that if i give him access to it he is going to transfer money from there to his parent’s account and I won’t have money to hire a lawyer. But I do not know if I am allowed NOT to give him access to this account as technically it is our marital money…. also am I REQUIRED to give him cash from this account if he asks for money?

A: There is no law requiring you to give your spouse access to your bank account. You can leave your name on it & instruct your bank not to provide him access. And there is certainly no law requiring you to give him money form your account – but bear in mind, it’s most likely marital money anyway & thus it’ll all come out in the wash. Schedule a consult with a Westchester Divorce attorney for a full assessment…

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