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What can I do to get full custody of my child?

Q: I am a single mother of a two year old.me and his father had a dv case in which acs removed him from the home and placed order of protection so he can not see my son without supervised visits. Even with his knowledge of all this he has never come to any courtdates. So they closed case and said he cant see my son til 21. Now he is angry i am listening to courts and constantly threathening me bout seeing my son. I have called cops on him but he has been ducking them somwhow for two years now. Now he has started calling ACS on me make false reports because “he going to get my son in system so he can get custody of him” . i just want this handled is there a way the courts can make him come in or they can give me sole custody since he not complying. Also his name not on birth certificate . thanks. 

A: You should file a petition for sole custody. If he’s been threatening you, you should consider filing for an order of protection as well. Call a Bronx Child Custody Attorney for a full assessment. 

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