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How do I sell my home? Wife and boyfriend protected squatter. Divorce is needed kids are 27,26,19.

Q: I moved out 19 years ago. I supported all and over time I reduced the assistance as my children grew to adults and have full time jobs. I never had court mandated child support or alimony. Kids went to private catholic schools and were covered by my health coverage until adult hood. Boy 27. Girls 26, 19 as we speak.

I never got a divorce because I thought I needed to protect the house as long as my children lived there. Wife Nancy now has a new boyfriend #3 that I know of and don’t care. But he recently tried to take over the home and throw my girls out. Police have been called twice DIR were filled out in both instances. Boyfriend was using the door to bang and push them out.

I have just learned although my name is on the mortgage with Nancy. I officially moved out and boyfriend has established residency because he has squatting rights. Mother has sided with boyfriend and wants the girls out. Boy can stay because he pays more rent. 19 yr old girl is in college and lives with me. Middle girl 25 was told by police she and daughter my granddaughter are residences. He has no right to evict her. Due to all this drama I feel compelled to sell and move on.

A: You can address the sale of the home issue within the divorce case. Your next step is to file for divorce. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Divorce attorney for a full assessment.

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