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December 2018 Archives

What if I been to court already for child support then I lose my job and go on public assistance?

Q: I just recently had a court date for child support, when I got there I the custodial mother had no lawyer the father did the judge did not want to hear from me cause I had no lawyer I told her I could not afford a lawyer and ask for a public defender she told me she could not give me one then she rescheduled to another date in November I mentioned I still can not afford a lawyer she said that is my problem. She told the father in the mean time to pay me only $125 week, I mentioned to her I've been paying his childcare for 2 months with no help from his father and wanted back payments she said he don't have to pay me anything I felt the judge did not want to hear from me cause I had no lawyer. She took the activated from the father and not myself the father lives with his parents he lied and said he pays rent so he won't have to give me money in child support his parents are helping him hide money what can I do I need help this is in Westchester county Yonkers

Is the custodial parent obligated to give an account dollar for dollar of what the child support is spent on?

Q: My soon to be ex husband- pays child support and we have a mutual agreement. things have gotten ugly between us and he now wants me to give him receipts of what i spend the child support money on. I am insulted that he would even ask. i have nothing to hide but i don't want to now save receipts and provide them.

What happens if the non-custodial parent claims they lost their job during a child support modification case?

Q: We have been back and forth to family court because he claims he does not have a W-2 and only provided 2 paystubs. This last time we were in court, he claimed his pay stub was wrong and that he will like to provide a letter from his HR. Coincidentally, last week, he claimed he lost his job and possibly on purpose. Can I still get an increase in child support since he has made more since the last time we were in court since 2009? Also, how can I prove he got himself fired to avoid the increase?

Can my child's mother move to a different state if there is a joint custody agreement in place?

Q: My child's mother recently told me that she is moving to Florida with our son, we didn't discuss it she just dropped the bomb on me. What can I do to stop this from happening?

Family court summons for paternity/support was sent to my son by mail, He also received NY Sheriff office letter ?

Q: The summons was initiated by my son's baby's mom who lives with my grandson in Nebraska. She seems to be requesting more money from him and she doesn't want him to have custody or visitation. They were never married. Bronx Family Court date is November 1, 2018.

I have a out of state child support case in November and I was wondering do I need a lawyer for the first appearance

Q: I been providing for my kid the best way I can the mother put a child support case on me cause I wont give our daughter a passport to leave the state. I live in new Jersey and he and our child live in New York. This is my first time dealing with a child support case and I need help.

After default gets served now gets an attorney ?

Q: I filed for a divorce over a year ago. he was served and now fell into default. he was served now he has an attorney and is appearing to the hearing on Monday? what can possibly happen after waiting all this time and him being absent in my sons life and wasn't much help for his needs only when he wanted too and could.. I filed for divorce, child support and attorney fees.

Do I need any attorney to do a step parent adoption in New York if I am on the birth certificate?

Q: My wife and I are a lesbian couple who had a child together with a donor who we know. We did not do the medical or legal aspect during conception, which later led to the donor taking us to court for paternity. Eventually he withdrew the case and signed the consent for me, the non biological mother, to adopt. The Paternity case caused us a lot of expense so I want to know if an attorney is needed to proceed with the adoption. We want to make sure he can not take us to court regarding our daughter again or interfere with my rights as her legal and custodial parent. Please advise. Thank you. 

How do I responded to a verified complaint?

Q: We have a separation agreement but I am contesting a divorce due to the fact that he will not comply to our agreement. For example, in the agreement he is to pay 80% of house repairs but refuses to reimburse me his portion. Can I respond with verified answer and can I counter claim?

What can I do to get full custody of my child?

Q: I am a single mother of a two year and his father had a dv case in which acs removed him from the home and placed order of protection so he can not see my son without supervised visits. Even with his knowledge of all this he has never come to any courtdates. So they closed case and said he cant see my son til 21. Now he is angry i am listening to courts and constantly threathening me bout seeing my son. I have called cops on him but he has been ducking them somwhow for two years now. Now he has started calling ACS on me make false reports because "he going to get my son in system so he can get custody of him" . i just want this handled is there a way the courts can make him come in or they can give me sole custody since he not complying. Also his name not on birth certificate . thanks. 

How do I sell my home? Wife and boyfriend protected squatter. Divorce is needed kids are 27,26,19.

Q: I moved out 19 years ago. I supported all and over time I reduced the assistance as my children grew to adults and have full time jobs. I never had court mandated child support or alimony. Kids went to private catholic schools and were covered by my health coverage until adult hood. Boy 27. Girls 26, 19 as we speak.

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