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How do I go about getting an order of protection in a domestic violence situation?

Q: My mother new boyfriend of only 2-3 months locked me out my own house, would not let myself and my daughter in. I needed help form the proper authorities to get in as he tried to legally evict me while my mother let it happen. He does not pay rent been there over over 30 days, I understand he has “squatters rights”. I contribute to the house bills as will. I do not feel safe living there with my daughter. My mom is on her BF side, she can take me to court if she wants that is fine. In the process would like to protect my self do to an recent incident that occurred between me and the boyfriend. I am a resident of 25 years in my home. Any advise given will be greatly appreciated.

A: It doesn’t sound like a domestic violence crime has been committed in this instance. Orders of protection are usually only grated if a particular “family offense” crime has been committed. Your situation sounds like it’s more a landlord-tenant issue. Nevertheless, for clarification you’re best advised to consult a Bronx Domestic Violence attorney.

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