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Court denied father visitation bc of no contact for over a decade

Q: Father after over a decade all of a sudden wanted to file visitation paperwork. Court denied him visitation due to having no relationship with 15 year old son. Now he wants to proceed with trial. We both waived legal counsel on the first court date but now what happens on this next trial date? Do I need an attorney now? Do I call witnesses and provide proof bc I have his previous kids mother and their daughters on my side bc he has no relationship with them either and they are both now over 18. He has never financially supported child and now threatened me in court that “this isn’t over”..whats next??

A: You’re (nearly) always better having an attorney than not having an attorney when conducting trials in Family Court. If you represent yourself, you will be charged with knowing the rules of evidence & rules of procedure for a trial. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney for a full assessment.

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