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What will happen if I divorce my husband?

Q: We’ve been married for 8yrs. He’s the sole provider. I’m a stay at home mom. We own a home but my name is not on the deed. We have 2 children 11 and 2. He’s been cheating for the past 3yrs with multiple women (I have poof) I’m tired and want out of this marriage. Will he be obligated to me financially until I’m able to get a job? Will he have more of a chance to get full custody of the kids since I’m a stay at home mom? What are my options?

A: Whether he’d need to pay alimony (i.e., maintenance) would depend largely on how much he’s making. In other words, the Court would need to be satisfied he has enough money to support himself, then pay child support – and ALSO have enough to provide support to you. You’re best advised to schedule a consult with a Bronx Divorce attorney for a full assessment.

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