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Can I bring voice recording as a documents in my child sole custody hearing ?

Q: I been with my baby’s father for 4 years. We have a baby together and we were never married. He started to change since I got pregnant and started domestic violence physically, verbally, emotionally and even sexually. We are not together after march and he took me to the court for joint legal custody for the baby. I have recorded a part of DV while he was yelling and hitting me in front of the baby. We have a hearing next month. I don’t want him to get custody since he is violent around kids. He had 2 more babies and he did same with those baby mom. 

Can I take the recording to the court to prove he is violent and if so how does the court accept it? I have it in my phone.. Do I have to transfer it in CD?
Thank you very much

A: If you have a trial next month, then generally you must produce a copy of the recording to the opposing party in advance of the trial. I’d suggest to do this via Notice to Admit. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Custody attorney for a full assessment.

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