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What happen when your husband cheated and get kids outside, being taken for child support , how that affect the marriage?

Q: My husband cheated and got 2 kids , he denied it but the woman is taken him for child support, we are married for 26 years with 3 children, 24 yr, 20yr and a 12 yr , what rights does the wife have , we are still married not planning to divorce. How do they calculate the child support money, and how the court deal with a home wrecker like this one? In the space of 2 yrs, I find her number in my husband phone and we argue, she put a restriction on me, because he want to get back at me this is when the child support comes in. If my husband did continued seeing her, everything would be ok, but I told her she wanted a 3rd child. She said to my husband she have a good job it’s ok, she will support her kids, until I get out the picture

A: Unfortunately, if the other woman sues him for child support, he’ll generally pay 25% of his adjusted gross income to her. The court generally does not consider the needs of a father’s “other” children, unless after subtraction of the proposed order he’s not left with enough to support their basic needs (in which case, the court would need your income information as well). Schedule a consult with a Westchester family Law attorney for a full assessment.

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