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My husband refuses to put my name on the deed, am I protected in the future?

Q: My husband and I were purchasing a home together. I have two children from a previous relationship and we have one child together. A week before we are set to close he tells me he wants me off the deed (mortgage is in his name only) and he made me sign a paper from a lawyer removing me from all aspects of this. He said he doesn’t want my two kids from a previous relationship ship to ever be entitled to the house. Am I protected down the line if we get divorced? Will I get kicked out of the house?

A: The answer to your question depends in large part on what you signed. if it was in the form of a prenup, then you may have waived your rights to the house. That said, it’s best not to assume – have the document looked at by an experienced attorney. Schedule a consult with a White Plains Divorce attorney for a full assessment.

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