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My ex husband is filed for custody ever since he was told we were moving? Our son is now 15 does he have grounds ?

Q: Our divorce decree does not state i can not move out of state, we currently moved from ny to ct (54 miles from my previous residence) our son is going to be 16 next month. He was told we were moving and never raised any concerns to my son to convey to me(He does not respond to me). Now we moved and I get served for custody papers. My son does not want to live with him, he barely likes to stay with him and when he does go on his weekend he shares a pull out sofa with his step brother. i already put in a request to work from home and i volunteers to drive my son down to his fathers on his weekend so he will not go out of his way.. Do i need a lawyer ?

A: Your should indeed retain an attorney. You risk the court ordering you to move back at your own expense. While he may not have a strong case for custody, you should have obtained his express consent to the relocation or filed a petition with the court. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney for a full assessment.

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