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I was Recently served a restraining order from my sister Everything she stated was false can I fight this?

Q: My sister and I haven’t spoke since November of 2017 when she slapped me in the face when I was pregnant I did make a police report but did not Follow up with charges. She is the primary caretaker of my father however they have not been getting along as she no longer allows him to use her facility to cook in so I bring him food when I can one day I brought him food she saw me threaten me at threatened to kick my critically ill father out in the street because she believes we call child protective services on her. I just got serve With the order of protection yesterday with a bunch of false statements when the truth is She threatened me and I just drove off with my fiance and let her rant to herself. Now I’m scared that she is using this to take my freedom away because she made these false accusations and at any moment she can lie and say that she saw me and I will go to Jail the only time I am in her neighborhood or was in her neighborhood was to meet my dad at the Courtyard of the building to bring him food and she told him she does not want me in her Area how do I fight this false accusation

A: You’d need to retain an attorney to file to dismiss the order of protection, or alternatively to fight the allegations at trial. Be sure to have your cell phone on you at all times, and audio or video record any interactions – if the order says stay away, then do so. Google Maps (if you have that app on your phone) allows you to document all your movements via their “Timeline” so that you can later prove where you were at any given moment. Call a Bronx Domestic Violence attorney to schedule a consult for a full assessment.

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