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Who is responsible for pick up and drop off in long distance situation?

Q: My son lived with me for 9 years in Jamaica, his father filed for him to come to the states and was living with him in PA for 3 years. I emigrated to the states and came to understand that my son was living in an abusive home and so I decided to take my son to live with me in NY. While he had my son I would visit or pick up and drop off any holidays or weekend I got him. Now that my son lives with me, wants each parent to either pick up or drop off. What would your advise be?

A: Pick-up & drop-off is subject to negotiation. Usually if the child had formerly been living in a particular region & has recently relocated, it’s fair to split the travel burden evenly (one does 1 leg, and the other does the return). Call a Bronx Family Law attorney for a full assessment.

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