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How can I get a cola on child support that was stipulated in the divorce 6 years ago? I get denied each time I try

Q: Child support amount was stipulated in divorce. He does not pay 17% as per NY law. I’ve tried having it modified but I get denied each time. There is a big difference between our salaries, his is much greater. I feel I get denied because he has a lawyer, that related with law jargon in the court. Although I can’t afford a lawyer I research and prepare but I’m still denied. Desperately seeking help

A: Unless your order is paid via SCU, you wouldn’t generally be filing a petition for a “COLA,” but instead you’d simply file an upward modification petition. The mere fact that there’s a big difference in your incomes wouldn’t mean you get an increase in support – he’d generally need to have had a substantial increase in his income in order for the court to give you the increase. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Support attorney for a full assessment…

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