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Q: We both agreed on divorce. He filed the petition for divorce, as the petitioner, about 1 month ago. I signed and filed a waiver of contest, so the divorce should be uncontested. As far as I understand, the only step left is to have the final divorce decree signed and taken to a judge. He is now refusing to do this, and it is my understanding that as the petitioner, he has to be the one to do it. He’s holding this divorce over my head to keep me unhappy, and I just want it to be over. What can I do to finish this divorce?

A: If he’s the plaintiff, he’d have to submit his plaintiff’s affidavit to the court. And if you don’t have the original, you wouldn’t be able to complete the steps for an uncontested divorce. If he won’t cooperate, then file an RJI and request a conference with the Judge. Call a Bronx Uncontested Divorce attorney for more info. 

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