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How can I defend myself I was tricked in text message to agree to my son’s mom taking him across the country to live away ?

Q: My aunt passed away my son’s mom agreed to for him to be at the funeral but she ended moving with him 2 days before some months before she talked to me about moving and tricked me to say yes but I didn’t give permission the date she left. I put in a petition for custody but she’s most likely going to use that agreement against me is there any way I can defend myself . I also have a police report we’re she punched me and I never touched her . Also in her new residence she’s applied to put me on child support and I’m my son’s sole provider she also has degraded my character and sent profanity to me in text.

A: One would need to know more about how she ‘tricked” you 7 exactly what you said. One would also need to know how long she’s been living there, as well as the history of your relationship with the child (among many other factors). Call a Bronx Child Custody attorney to schedule a consult for a full assessment.

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